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You can thank two sisters and their playful ‘honey fight’ for the sweet beginnings of Jordella Skincare!

Founder of Jordella – Colleen Hagarty – a qualified beekeeper was extracting honey from hives and on this particular day had enlisted the help of her sister Jann. A simple humorous flick of some honey very quickly resulted in an all-out honey fight. Finally coming to their senses, the sisters washed up – that is when Jann commented how amazing her hands and skin felt after being coated with honey. Immediately she asked if honey could be a key ingredient in the range of skincare that Colleen had started to formulate…. and so Jordella Skincare was born!

I have since invested a lot of time educating myself in cosmetic chemistry courses, product and batching development, aromatherapy and essential oils. I work from my lab in Tamborine, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. I am passionate about providing a pure skincare range with the highest quality raw organic ingredients that are not only healthy for your skin but truly provide results. All of the other sisters including Jann continues to help with testing our products and are of course our most satisfied customers.

Meet The Team

Organic Natural Skincare - Gold Coast - Jordella Skincare - Colleen Hagarty

Colleen Hagarty


I had always dreamed of creating my own products because I wanted something that would suit my over sensitive mature skin without the chemicals that were common in skincare. I owned beauty salons and retail stores on Tamborine Mountain which gave me an incredible insight into so many avenues that makes a successful product. I met many wonderful travellers from Norway, New Zealand, Europe, UK, America, and of course Australians out for a day trip, and all those lovely clients from the TV advertisement who have been loyal clients for many years. You have all kept me on my toes which helped me to improve each product in those early days. I personally thank and appreciate each and every one of you for this experience. Just so you know, I will be creating and producing beautiful Organic skin & body care for many years to come so please enjoy our newly named product lines and formulas in the Jordella Skincare Range.

Organic Natural Skincare - Gold Coast - Jordella Skincare - Nahdene


Lab Assistant

Nahdene helps out in the lab with her great organisaiton skills and dedication to quality control. If it needs doing, then Nahdene will get it done, her motto is 'do it right, do it once'

Organic Natural Skincare - Gold Coast - Jordella Skincare - Jean



Jean is our on call bookeeper. She helps maintain our books and just darn well knows her stuff.

Organic Natural Skincare - Gold Coast - Jordella Skincare - Sean



Sean has great qualifications & experiences. He puts a lot of effort into problem solving and coordinating the different facets of wharehouse logistics.

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